It’s known that it takes two to tango, but how many does it take to dance to tango-house? The newest genre to hit the EDM scene comes from a disclosed source that is not quite ready to reveal themselves to world besides their first track, “Mr. Toot.”

This track moves, it grooves, and maintains a steady beats per minute that serves as a counter for the whispering flute melody to sweep in and guide your feet. “Mr. Toot” is undeniably fit for more underground settings, but the hypnotic synth drop is what connects the international elements with the house territory. In its entirety, “Mr. Toot” is a seriously creative track that thinks outside the normal realm of musical possibilities and derives its personality from a 20th century South American dance.

Stream “Mr. Toot” below and be sure to check back for more information on the face behind the production.