Earlier this year, Danielle, an emerging producer with only one track to her name, exploded onto the scene, thanks to her summer-ready remix of Freedom Fry’s “Shaky Ground.” Her debut remix garnered over 100,000 plays on SoundCloud, and there was an undeniable buzz surrounding the mysterious New York artist, mainly due to the inability to find any information regarding the up-and-coming star. What we did know about Danielle was the immense talent she possessed, and her impressive ability to take an indie-dance track and give it the right touch of sunshine to turn it into a hit.

The second release of Danielle’s budding career is a catchy new remix of “Long Way Home,” by The Beautiful Girls. Borrowing elements from the old-school original, Danielle takes “Long Way Home” into the present, giving the track a groovy house bass lines and infusing the track with shimmering xylophone riffs that are bolstered by the folky croons of Mat McHugh. You can peep the remix below and make sure to get the free download here.