If you flip a Maroon 5 track, and I like it, then you must have done an amazing job, because I am not a fan of Maroon 5. That in fact did happen with Anevo, the Swedish producer who remixed “My Heart Is Open” and released it as a free download.

His progressive, melodic sound works like a charm; it has enough groove to dance to, yet it’s not your standard dance record in that it is accessible to those looking to just vibe out. There have been a ton of indie dance records coming out this year, but this remix has to be one of the top ones. Anevo flexes his creativity by giving us something a little different from his usual sound, but the result is something that can’t be complained about, especially given the track’s price tag of zero. Get yourself a copy, and if you aren’t familiar with the Swede, head over to his Soundcloud to start jamming out to his other great tunes.

Free Download