Klaypex has undergone a lot of changes since their breakout album Loose Dirt in 2011. With their second release Ready To Go performing underwhelmingly, the duo decided to take a break from releases for a bit and focus on their craft. With the addition of a third member, they unleashed Anything Goes last year and took all their fans by surprise with new sounds, designs and interpretations of dance music. While in the whole scope of electronic music the album wasn’t anything spectacular, the work marked a turning point for the trio.

Since my review of their latest album, I’ve been able to meet up with Klaypex and hang out with them pretty regularly. I’ve seen their method and their drive to succeed and it’s honestly admirable. At the same time, I was privy to demos and early versions of the tracks on their upcoming EP, The Future. Even compared to Anything Goes, this work goes above and beyond anything the group has made thus far.

The funky “Satellites” featuring vocalist Oscar Del Amor has a large depth of sound to it that a lot of their previous tracks were missing. There’s a lot that’s apparent in how the group is really focusing on their FUTURE, as well. Take a listen to the track below and download it for free ahead of the EP release on the 28th.

Watch the official music video for ‘Satellites’ here: youtu.be/S0JVtHMaYbY
Download ‘Satellites’ for free: goo.gl/v8zzIg
Buy ‘Satellites’ on iTunes now: goo.gl/OIbMTs
Pre-order ‘The Future’ EP now: goo.gl/tXP65F