Sample-driven tracks have become a viral commodity on Facebook as of late. I can’t say exactly what or who started it, but they’ve gone from just social media viral campaigns to fully finished tracks.

Now, sampling is nothing new in electronic music or in music in general, but people are now craving these sample tracks. Aylen has got a really neat one for us.

You’ve likely already figured out how the track is going to go from the featured image above, but let me break it down for you if you were born after 2006 – Aylen has made a track comprised of over 75% samples from Mario Kart. Let that sink in for a bit… and then realize that this track is trap. The bubbly sounds from Mario Kart go exceptionally well with the modified rhythms and 808s of trap music, creating this sonically diverse and pleasant listening experience.

I especially love that the laugh samples from before and after bridge come from Mario and Wario, respectively. The switch-up shows more knowledge and design than it might seem.