For all you campers and tailgaters prepping for festival season, you’re going to want to make sure that your musical experience is enhanced well past the Mainstage. Portable speakers are all the rage, especially ones that don’t require any cords or batteries. Newer brand 808 Audio has an arsenal of speakers for this occasion, with the 808 Canz being named the #1 selling Bluetooth speaker under $50. Since its inception in 2011, the brand has been tailored towards EDM and Hip-Hop, and has become the fastest growing and top performing audio brand without a triple digit price tag. Their latest arrivals – the NRG & NRG Glo – are bigger and better than their predecessors. Standing at just 5.5,” the NRG is lightweight and fits anywhere, even a hoodie or large jacket. In terms of range, it can easily keep a signal throughout your tailgate area or apartment, so you can easily transition between areas while listening. But if you don’t want to zap your battery using Bluetooth, both models have an AUX input too.

The NRG doesn’t have a volume control, so increasing/decreasing volume comes directly from your device, an important thing to keep in mind when using the speaker. It also doesn’t require any batteries; just a simple recharge using a micro USB port (charging cable is included). One of the best features about the speaker is the longevity of the battery. As someone who enjoys listening to music often, the NRG stays charged for the better part of my day, up to 12 hours of continuous use. But the real reason tog get the NRG is thestudio sound quality. While most speakers fail to properly push out the same quality you’d get from a pair of headphones or your larger home sound system, the NRG replicates the music perfectly. Instead of the audio clipping when the speaker reaches its limit, every facet of the music is clear, right down to the thumping bass of some of your favorite tunes. While the NRG and the NRG Glo are essentially the same speaker, the Glo comes with a fun blue halo that either stays lit or pulsates to the music when active.

The NRG isn’t available yet, but you can sign up on the website and be notified for when the product is officially available. The Hex NRG is $49.99 and the Glo prices at $59.99. To discover the entire line of 808 products, visit their website.