Finally, Ghastly and Mija have been awarded a music video worthy of the bass-slinging “Crank It.” OWSLA is known for pushing the norm, and this video is arguably more wonky than Dog Blood’s “Next Order.”
Let me preface by saying I absolutely love the weird-factor OWSLA has injected into this video. Director Nick Roney successfully executes an 80’s space-horror aesthetic, at first depicting Mija and Ghastly to be part of a normal suburban family. Except, that doesn’t last long. It’s got everything from celestial skin rashes, sacriligious tongue wrestling, and extraterrestrial rough-housing.

Since the record’s release on OWSLA’s Eggnog Vol. 1, “Crank It” has received enormous praise and gained the two artists some serious attention. Go snag the track on iTunes if you haven’t already.


Photo by Nest HQ