Last week, I posted a track up from a guy calling himself Warden. In that post, I lamented that the track in question was not the original one I had been sent in January. However, because I believe in this project, I kept in touch with artist and management and I am so honored to now bring you “The Minos.”

The song opens with a string section that would create suspense in even the greatest of thriller movies. The quick, sharp notes accentuate the immediacy of the impending doom. The backing strings serving as bassline create an ominous atmosphere, enough to sustain the track until the main bass synths come in. The drums are reminiscent of a war cry, booming and sinister. Everything that can be done to illicit a sense of fear and danger in this track is done to the fullest.

The drop is my absolute favorite part of this track though, with a throwback bassline vibe descending right into madness. If you’re not headbanging to the point that you resemble an ostrich with your head in the concrete, you’re doing it wrong. The second drop switches it up into a moombah-esque double-time dancehall anthem, still keeping that same sense of danger.

This track is definitely one of my favorite releases of the year so far. I can’t wait to see what else this kid has in store.