Don Diablo can do no wrong in my book. It seems that everything he touches lately turns to gold, from originals to remixes and more. It came as no surprise that he made the decision to start his own label, Hexagon, the next logical step in his career. Hexagon’s first track, a Don Diablo and CID Remix of Alex Adair’s “You Make Me Feel Better” was a serious success, setting a great tone for the new label. The second signing is one of the first originals from King Arthur, who’s quickly making a name for himself. Diablo’s edit of  his “Belong to the Rhythm” ft. Michael Meaco easily makes this a future festival favorite with a drop that intensifies Meaco’s great voice.

When I heard “Belong to the Rhythm” for the first time I traced down King Arthur the same day and knew I had to sign the track to my label! We will not be releasing a great amount of tracks on my HEXAGON label, because I want to give the records and artists I sign the attention they deserve, so I am extremely picky with my signings. I made my own edit of the track for the dance floors, sent it out to a bunch of my DJ friends and the feedback so far has been mental! I can’t wait for this gem to take over clubs and festivals worldwide in the following months! – Don Diablo

The track will be available on Hexagon on May 4th.