You read that title and immediately thought this was a Stefon skit on SNL, didn’t you? Unfortunately, no.

Dan Bilzerian, the male equivalent of the Kardashians, with just as much money and considerably less self-awareness, threw a charity function to raise money for the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund for brain research. I support any event that gives money to causes that need support but … this one just seems tainted.

Among the guests (spectacles?) at the party were various celebrity guests, including Fast & Furious stars Ludacris and Vin Diesel and Entourage’s Vincent Chase, scantily clad schoolgirls (who actually arrived in a schoolbus), a giraffe, and uh … other unmentionables.

Check out the video and instagram pics below. It definitely seemed like a wild party for a good cause.

I guess we partyin… @vindiesel @steveaoki @ludacris

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So there was that…

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Fun times with friends at @danbilzerian party last night #schoolgirl #mansion #party #steveaoki

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