More than 19 million people from around the world tuned in to watch Tomorrowland TV last year. This year the People of Tomorrow don’t have to wait until the end of July to get the season’s first taste of the epic festival known around the world.

Next weekend the first edition of Tomorrowland Brasil will be broadcasted live from Itu (São Paulo). The broadcast will feature seven hours of live music each night May 1-3 on

The broadcast will be shot in HD and will feature live sets, interviews, special features, and will include some backstage talks with some of the festival’s favorite artists Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Steve Aoki, Showtek, Ummet Ozcan, Yves V, and many more.

The Journey To Sao Paulo

After leaving Belgium months ago, dozens of shipping containers carrying the gargantuan Book Of Wisdom stage travelled across the ocean to reach its final destination in the pristine natural landscape of Itu. The Book of Wisdom, experienced firsthand by 180,000 attendees at the 2012 edition of Tomorrowland and at the 2013 edition of TomorrowWorld will surely not disappoint the Sao Paulo audience.


Main Stage Design

Stage decor consists of a beautiful set of giant books placed both horizontally and vertically with a gigantic main book, “The Book of Wisdom”, as the center piece. The main book can open and close and contains large LED screens for visuals. Between main stage acts a perfect fairy-tale voice sweeps over the crowd to deliver words of wisdom and introduce the next artist. Main stage audiences are completely encapsulated in a dream-like world and by the end of the weekend fans will miss hearing the iconic Tomorrowland voices introduce their favorite DJs.

  • Entire stage width: 130m (427 ft.)
  • Entire stage height: 28m (92 ft.)
  • Books are 18m x 6m (60 ft. x 30 ft.)
  • 10 tons of steel
  • More than 3500 welded joints
  • 600 triplex plates
  • 5km construction wood
  • 600 clips
  • 3500m² prints
  • 10 trailers of stage decor
  • 55m² polystyrene
  • 350kg glue
  • More than 3000 rivets
  • An extensive CAD-drawing
  • 2 weeks construction time
  • 2 cranes needed for construction

The Book Of Wisdom spectacle will be viewable for free for anyone with an internet connection and on every type of device. Continuous rebroadcasts will showcase the madness 24 hours a day so no matter where you are in the world you do not have to miss out on any of the fun.


What Is Tomorrowland Brasil?

Tomorrowland Brasil is a 3-day music festival and 5-day camping experience nestled within the hidden parts of the magical ground of Parque Maeda in Itu (Sao Paolo).  Sister to the renowned Tomorrowland festival held in Boom, Belgium, nearly 200 DJs will touch down to become part one of the largest line-ups in Brazil’s dance music history. Tomorrowland Brasil will welcome 180,000 visitors from countries all around the world and invites the People of Tomorrow to discover The Book of Wisdom in its new home May 1, 2, and 3.


Buy TomorrowWorld tickets here and be a part of the madness Georgia will witness when the Key To Happiness stage comes to the Chattahoochee Hills this September 2015.