With the release of Zedd’s sophomore album, True Colors, coming out next month, the final details are starting to roll in. Announced today via Twitter, Zedd has released the pre-order link and the track list for his new album.

With already released hits such as ‘I Want You To Know’ with Selena Gomez and ‘Addicted To A  Memory’ on the album, 9 more track titles were released to reveal an 11-track album.

Zedd has been launching a heavy marketing campaign to promote his new album and has currated intimate events such as a party in a cave, private showing in a prison and several more. With the amount of hype being built around True Colors we are expecting it to be some of Zedd’s best work yet.

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Check out the track list below and make sure to pre order your copy HERE.


1.) Addicted To a Memory
2.) I Want You To Know
3.) Beautiful Now
4.) Transmission
5.) Done With Love
6.) True Colors
7.) Straight Into the Fire
8.) Papercut
9.) Bumble Bee
10.) Daisy
11.) Illusion


Photo via Rukes