It’s been a while since I’ve written about some good old melodic dubstep, but what a way to return! We’ve got this huge, huge track from Diamond Eyes called “Stay With Me.” The strong bassline and crunchy growls are mainstays of the emotive genre, but so are female vocals.

For this track, Diamond Eyes worked with a very special guest – Christina Grimmie. Christina is one of the top cover artists on YouTube, with nearly 3 million subscribers and over 300 million views. She appeared on the TV show “The Voice” last year and finished in 3rd place, and since then has been working on original material while still going the occasional cover “to let people know that she still exists.” Her performance in “Stay With Me” raises the bar significantly from just another melodic dubstep tune to possibly one of the best songs of Diamond Eyes’ career. Of course, Diamond Eyes’ own vocal performance in the track should not be discounted.


Briefly, how did you go from singing covers on YouTube, to writing original music, to being a contestant on the Voice, to getting signed/dropped from a label, and finally collaborating on an EDM record? It’s quite the journey.

It’s definitely been a whirlwind and I’m so blessed to be able to say I’ve done all these things! I’ve grown so much as a person and an artist, and because of that I like to experiment with different types of music very often.

You’re still doing covers – what’s the plan now? (I love the Arctic Monkeys cover, by the way.)

I upload covers every once in a while to let people know that I still exist, in fact…but along with the covers I like to tell them what’s going on in my career and how they can follow me more closely. I do vlogs here and there as well. And THANK YOU! That’s one of my favorite covers I’ve done, to be honest, it all came to me in a matter of minutes!

What attracted you to Diamond Eyes’ productions, in particular?

The song “Rivers” hit me SO hard when I first heard it. But the real draw to Diamond Eyes was that after a bit of research on my own I found that he was MY age, and did ALL HIS TRACKS and writing by himself–this amazed me and I HAD to work with him … and he smells great.

Have you found the collaborative process in electronic music different from creating other kinds of records?

To be honest it’s more free than writing in what I’m used to; because you can almost write ANY kind of genre and somehow BOOM, build a great EDM track behind it.

Are there any plans to collaborate on more EDM records?

I would hope so!! People seem to really be digging Stay With Me, so the Christina Grimmie + Diamond Eyes team shall continue! 😀