DUBS acoustic filters are an enhanced take on the old concert earplug and even Clint Eastwood wore a pair at Coachella.

We are going harder, louder, and longer than any audiences before us and if we want to be able to party this hard when we’re 30 we’re going to need to protect our hearing. Why do we choose to not wear ear plugs? You think you look stupid, you think your friends are going to make fun of you, and even worse than all of that those crappy foam earplugs just muffle the music and you can’t even enjoy it. All of these reasons make ear plug use understandably impractical, but with the advancement of sound-filtration science the EDM generation is learning you can protect your hearing without distorting the sound with high-fidelity, low profile sound filters like DUBS.



One of the nation’s largest and most coveted music festivals Coachella realized the importance of hearing protection and the advancement of ear plugs coming far past subpar foam plugs. They offered DUBS Acoustic Filters a free VIP tent in exchange for selling their necessary product to attendees.

“Our whole slogan is ‘Go louder longer,’ and you should be going to festivals like Coachella without any fear of losing your hearing,” the CEO and Founder of DUBS Noah Kraft says. “The team at Coachella tried the product, absolutely loved it, and said, ‘This is exactly the kind of product we’ve been looking to get behind.'”


Bonnaroo (June 11-14, Manchester, Tenn.) and Outside Lands (August 7-9, San Francisco) were next to jump on the bandwagon and offer DUBS the status of official earplug of both festivals in 2015 and 2016. Kraft hopes to match or beat the brand’s presence at Coachella, where DUBS sold out the first day and were experienced by tens of thousands of attendees—even a certain Oscar-winning actor:

“We were driving to our campground and this car pulled up to our truck,” Kraft recalls. “This older man comes out and starts talking, and we realize it’s Clint Eastwood. He pulled over the DUBS truck and basically got out and said, ‘Hey, I was at AC/DC Friday night and everyone was wearing these and I said, ‘Where do I get a pair?’”

Let’s take a look at sound:

– The softest sound the human ear can hear is 0 dB
– Normal talking is between 40-60 dB
– Headphones are 110 dB
– A normal rock concert is between 110-120 dB. Could reach as high as 140 dB.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has stated that 90 dB (comparable to a “loud office”) for 8 hours is all the human ear can stand without suffering permanent hearing loss. At any given EDM show, decibels of over 110 dB are commonly found for hours upon hours. I stress “at any given EDM show”–that could be your Alesso shows, your Nicky Romero shows, your Pretty Lights shows, but, at any given Bassnectar or Excision show–who knows? No one throws down harder than those two bass masters and crowds can never get enough… but they should.

Risk of hearing loss is measured by several factors:

– How loud the sound is
– How close you are to the sound
– How long you are exposed to the loud music
– What kind of headphones you use (earbuds vs. over-the-ear)
– Family history of hearing loss

Good sound and hearing are two of the most important things in a music lover’s life. We love to feel immersed in our favorite songs and usually that means cranking up the volume to levels that are unsafe. Loud, awesome music that cuts right to your soul and makes your body feel feelings is definitely cool, but after the sanctions imposed on Red Rocks and Zedd‘s hearing loss, it’s time to redefine cool. The science and design behind high fidelity ear plugs have finally paved the path to practical hearing protection you will actually wear. Plus if Clint Eastwood is doing it it must be cool.


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