Although I’ve seen comments circulating the Internet calling Diplo a genius and revolutionary for recently having LA-based collective Soulection on his radio show, getting a featured guest mix is an infinitesimally small contribution to the widespread success and reach of their longstanding movement. Boasting a community of listeners and creators more tightly knit than most others currently in the scene, the label has been churning out incredible content and a soulful message since way back in 2010, releasing their first compilation in January of the following year. With a roster of such talented and genre-defying acts as Mr. Carmack, Ta-ku, Abjo, Sango, Esta and many more, it’s far more relieving than surprising that Diplo has finally paid Soulection homage with a 2-hour special on BBC Radio 1XTRA.

The show is divided into four segments, featuring a diverse selection of the collective’s wide array of artists and DJs. First up is Andre Power. Co-founder of Soulection and no doubt an avid proprietor of fresh, up and coming talent, his familiarity and expertise on the decks is displayed constantly during his mixes played on the weekly Soulection Radio Show. Kicking off the team’s Diplo & Friends showcase with a slow and sensual lineup, Andre spins tracks from OZZIE, Oshi, Chahine and many more, including remixes of G-Eazy, Preston Harris, and their own Sam Gellaitry.

Next up is The Whooligan, known for his sultry mixes that erase the border between old and new (and a couple original productions alongside Mikos de Gawd). Picking up where Andre Power left off, Whooligan slowly raises the tempo during his 30 minutes with shout outs to A Tribe Called Quest, Notorious B.I.G. and Wu-tang Clan. Unafraid of experimental sounds and a more personal approach to mixing, his segment provides just the right amount of hype and swagger to lead into Sasha Marie’s spot.

As her bio states: Sasha Marie embodies a “jazz sensibility fused with innate soul and DJ party rocker insight.” Truer words couldn’t be said about her supremely eclectic and underground show put on at the number three turn, featuring tracks from some of the most talked-about, game changing producers currently on the rise. Geotheory, Da-P, Alexander Lewis, Gravez, KRS, and even Aaliyah are wonderfully blended into a completely immersive and fluid sonic experience throughout her set.

Last but certainly not least is Abjo. Playing a mix saturated with 88% of his own material (yes I did the math), it’s clear that his personal discography is vast and dynamic enough to hold your attention indefinitely. If you’re an avid listener of Soulection’s radio show, you’ll be able to recognize and dance along with nearly all of them, as they appear frequently on the weekly track lists. With a subtle and ever-evolving approach to his segment, it only makes sense for Abjo to finish up the BBC showcase.

Whether you’re throwing a kickback or just want something to play in the background, Soulection’s Diplo & Friends takeover will most definitely have you feeling some type of way. Check below for the complete track list and watch out this year as the collective continues to dominate the scene.


Ozzie & Gravez – All Yours
Feki – Remember
Torai – Jungle Refix
Maesu – 11fortysevn
Sam Gellaitry – Temple (OSOSBLANCO Remix)
Dirt Choc – Memory Cards
Dojo – dc (feat. Chahine)
Kojacks – Brassflute
Mc Chapadinho – Passinho da Macumba
K-Wash – Obrigado Sango
Kid Indigo – Colors
oshi – Thank You
Yunis – BaeBae
Sam Gellaitry – Childhood (Senojnayr Remix)
Mark Johns – 5 South )(Jim Quick Remix)
Masego – 73 Degrees (Dem Apples Bootleg)
Cəs – Cobra
E. Doza – Anyway
G-Eazy – Lets Get Lost (feat. Devon Baldwin) (Louis Futon Remix)
Kang – Eclipse
Preston Harris – Iloveyou (Krs & Oshi Remix)
The Weekend – Drinks On Us (J-Louis Remix)
E. Doza – RYB
Fortune – How I Feel (You’re The One)
A Tribe Called Quest – Lyrics To Go (Jesse Fischer Remix)
JR Jårris – Golden Vibes (AbJo x JR Jårris)
Jo Def – Wednesday Night Edit
Mikos da Gawd – Arpee Dance
Penthouse Penthouse – Going Out (Club Edit)
Zuper – Stop
Melo-Zed – Silken Hearts
The Notorious B.I.G. vs Wu-Tang Clan – Get Money(Mikos Da Gawd & The Whooligan Bounce Edit
Darius – Helios (feat. Tennyson) (Pomo Remix)
Abraham Blue x J-LOUIS – Let’s Escape Together (JL x Krs Bootleg)
Kource – Down
oriJanus – I Want You
The Seventh, Sango & D.R.A.M. – Excessive
C. Justice – She Wants It
Sango – Baile Somebody
K-Wash – La Mierda
K-Wash – Nao Salto Nao VS Pa’Mala (ReWork)
HERZELOYDE – Phanboy (Geotheory Remix)
NckStphn – Refuse
Da-P – Ground Play (Schmoov! Remix)
Sango – Sempre
RXN – alma
Tails & Alexander Lewis – Time
Gravez – Where We From
Aaliyah – One In A Million
SPZRKT & Sango – Hipster Girl
J-Louis – I Can’t Explain It
Drake – Madonna
KRS‐One – Ginger Me
AbJo – In Light Of
AbJo – Momentum
AbJo – Gladius
AbJo – Wake Up!
AbJo – Imperial Lights
Munoz – FIYAH
AbJo vs JR Jarris – Golden Vibes
oshi & BNJMN – 808Luv
The Roots – Coming To (Abjo Remix) (VIP Mix)
AbJo – Siddartha
AbJo – Ce u (Bonus)
AbJo vs Haan808 – Over
AbJo – Break It Off
AbJo – Silvicide
AbJo – Vibrac a o Comigo (Vibe With Me)
AbJo – Travel Heavy


Source: Hypetrak

Photo: Saintheron