The best part about remix packages is that there’s usually something for everyone, even if you already enjoy the original. That’s the case with Shift K3Y‘s latest track “Name & Number.” The original is already a personal favorite, with a smooth 90’s R&B intro before a bouncier, more modern chorus kicks in. The remix package features four different takes on the track: Wax Motif, Chloe Martini, Cause & Affect and Mike Mago. 

Wax Motif Remix

As expected, Wax Motif’s remix has the most energetic, drop. Though Wax Motif is known for his G-House groove, his take on “Name and Number” might be considered future house instead, especially with twangy synths common on Tchami and Oliver Heldens records. Regardless of the genre, there’s no denying Wax Motif’s ability to remix a track and give it massive club appeal.

Chloe Martini

This 22-year old producer probably has the closest style to Shift K3Y, as her other tracks have heavy old school R&B influences. Chloe’s Remix keeps the innocence of the opening by converting it into a lullaby, but her future bass spin maintains the energy even with a slightly slower tempo. The instrumental bridge in the middle helps set this remix apart from the others too.

Cause & Affect Remix

I don’t even know what to call this, but I know this remix is furthest from the original  (in a good way). Cause & Affect modulate the vocals and throw this infectious, high pitch loop over a filthy bass line. Like the other versions, there are still pieces that keep Shift K3Y’s smooth vocals in the chorus, but Cause & Affect use minimal vocals and focus on the instrumentals instead.

Mike Mago Remix

Closing the package out is this dutch house producer. With a thumping bassline, Mike Mago’s remix can fit into a lot of sets, from warm-up DJs to headlining acts. UK House fans will seriously enjoy this remix, which subs out synths for piano chords and goes heavy on the vocal chops.