Art by Gary Paintin

With the rise of crews like SoulectionFlow-FiHW&W, and more, there’s no denying that smooth, laid-back music is all the rage right now. Which is fantastic, but sometimes we hunger for something more… gritty. With so many squeaky-clean tunes out there right now, our desire for all things grimy and goopy has increased several notches.

Enter West coast beat-hustler, Bleep Bloop, and Berlin bass maniac, Doshy: they’ve been making a name for themselves over the last few years by cranking out some of the rawest and most unconventional electronic music in the scene. Their catalogs of solo work are impressive enough, but they’re a force to be reckoned with when they team up on tracks like this; an equal parts mixture of grime, dubstep, and experimental trap, ‘Sticky’ hits you like a rickshaw cart filled with maple syrup. The track is centered around a thick synth bass-line with plenty of off-kilter elements that fade in and out of the background, adding a time distortion-like effect. Ever seen one of those slow-motion videos where people get punched in the face and their skin ripples? This could be the sonic representation of that image.

Best of all, Bleep Bloop and Doshy have made ‘Sticky’ available as a free download. Check it out after the jump and be sure to show these artists some support if you’re feelin’ the vibe!


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