There has been so much innovation in DJing since the old days. And by old days, I mean the days of strictly vinyl spinning with perhaps a mixer that only had a fader, volume and EQ settings. Nowadays, you’ve got various effects built into your mixer, with plenty of options for how to mix in the next track. It can be really easy to get caught up in all of the shortcuts that are afforded to you. But so many DJs are still appreciative of their craft and work tirelessly to improve their skills even when they’re just chilling at home.

Not David Guetta.

In a recent interview with Beatport about his performance at Coachella, the Parisian DJ had some interesting thoughts about current DJing.

“Something crazy happened to me on the [first weekend],” he says. “I’m using Rekordbox and Pioneer to play, and before I saved my playlist to my SD card, my computer crashed. So I just had to put all my music in a random order on USB sticks at the last minute, doing it really old school, scrolling to look for the records I wanted to play next.”

According to David Guetta, manually scrolling through your records on a USB stick is “really old school.” Let that sink in for just a bit…

I’ve seen countless talented DJs, probably more talented than Guetta, use this “old school” method of track selection and they weren’t sweating bullets. Perhaps Guetta’s sets have become far too automated, more than we originally thought.

We’re awaiting Mr. Guetta’s reply.


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