It takes a really good tropical house tune to make me stand up and take notice. For instance, I left Kygo’s Weekend 2 set at Coachella after three songs because I felt that I had basically already seen his performance.

But the times when the cliché tropes of tropical house, the steel drums, flutes and soft guitar plucks, the times when those can actually add to the track rather than hinder it are pretty few and far between for me.

Broiler’s remix of “It’s You” by Syn Cole nails all of those tropes 100%. Yet somehow, it manages to break through the fog of derivative tropical house remixes and originals and stands proud. The steel drums accompany piano and drums to blend into the background and add more diversity, rather than take the spotlight. The vocals are typical fair for tropical house but still somehow shine brightly. And don’t even get me started on those infectious triplets…

This remix is available exclusively via Spotify. Check it out below.