American producer and DJ Morgan Page has been making a bit of buzz recently as he prepares for the release of a new album. Titled DC To Light, the new LP will be tied with a tour that will span across the United States and airing the new material. Fans of Morgan Page waiting for new material since his last album release in 2012 In The Air will be glad to finally get their hands on and experience a whole new chapter in Morgan Page’s career.

To start the hype train, he dropped a teaser for the first single “Open Heart” that features vocals from Lissie who Morgan Page and Deadmau5 fans can remember singing the Grammy nominated song “The Longest Road”. You can also find some remixes that have surfaced including one from Markus Schulz and Morgan Page “Tropical” mix of the song.

Another remix to surface with the track is one from DJ and producer Toby Green. From his collaborations and singles released on Megaton to his remixes of Lenny Kravitz, Dash Berlin, Pegboard Nerds, and many more, Toby Green has made his presence in electronic dance music known by his signature electro house and his most recent experiments in making trap music.

This remix for Morgan Page’s “Open Heart”  opens up with Lissie’s captivating vocals and Toby’s production behind the scenes. The first drop is an unexpected trap blast that fires bass and synths into an unexpected slow jam. The second drop aims in an opposite direction with a tempo change towards progressive house. In other words, this remix is all over the place within the four minutes this remix is contained to. When asked about Toby Green and his production remixing “Open Heart”, Morgan Page responded with this…

“ Toby is one of my favorite new producers and he really came through with this remix of “Open Heart.” which features trap and electro house influences. It preserves the song but adds some extra grit and energy for clubs and festivals. ”

Check out the full preview of the Toby Green remix to Morgan Page’s “Open Heart” below and let us know what you think.

If you wanna catch Morgan Page in concert, check out for tour dates near you here. Catch his upcoming album DC To Light June 9th this year where this is sure to be more astonishing productions from the man himself.