“I was in the studio with Rihanna two weeks ago, still playing the game. I was trying to convince her why she should do so-and-so, and thinking, ‘Lean On is bigger than any of her songs around the world right now. Why am I even sitting here trying to negotiate?’”


So says Diplo, the outspoken and often cocky Philadelphia teacher turned superstar DJ/producer. Although he owes much of his recent success to Jack U, the powerhouse duo he formed with Skrillex, there is no denying the worldwide acknowledgement of “Lean On” by his 3-piece music project Major Lazer. Although it hasn’t been doing exceptionally well in the sales department, Major Lazer is a group targeted at a younger generation whose primary consumption of music comes from illicit downloads or streams; and in the streaming game, the trio certainly deliver – having acquired over 34 million hits on their YouTube video for “Lean On” in just over a month.

“It was definitely a hobby the first time. Second time we were just trying to figure out how to make it work. And this time we’re trying to establish Major Lazer as a really big deal and an awesome experience for people,” says Diplo. “Our crowd is really young. I think our music represents something really new.”

He has taken strides to prove his devotion to the group by naming his second son with Kathryn Lockhart, Lazer. Along with a cartoon series on FXX entitled “Major Lazer” and a new album, Peace Is The Mission, which will feature stars like Ellie Goulding, it becomes quickly apparent that his devotion to what is one of three massive musical endeavors is just as strong, if not stronger, than his passion for Diplo or Jack U. With his recent announcement about moving past the Diplo moniker, it would only make sense for Wesley to pursue his other projects.


H/T London Evening Standard | Photo by Rukes