What if you could feel 80% of the effects of your favorite drug without the potential unwanted side effects? Weed, MDMA, cocaine, without ingesting/snorting/smoking a thing?

Mixmag TV set out to find out if it was possible – and it worked.

The process of hypnotism is often misunderstood and more often discredited. It’s such an absurd notion to think that someone believes they’re a chicken, or some such nonsense, but hypnotism has been effectively used in therapy for decades. It’s less about instilling a specific idea within a subject, and more about implanting a feeling or a notion. Just a hint can cause a chain reaction in the mind to fill in the gaps.

Mixmag called upon award winning hypnotist Hank Stone to hypnotize a group of clubbers, and from their microexpressions, movements and overall demeanor, it seemed to work. On “weed,” subjects were reporting hunger and drymouth. On “ecstacy,” others were noting that subjects had a glazed look in their eye.

Keep in mind this is not a scientific experiment – there was no control group, nothing was accounted for beforehand. Still, video evidence would suggest that hypnotism can, for some undisclosed time, for some people, instill feelings of being “high.”

Before you go to the club this weekend, get hypnotized.™