It’s always good news when new tunes from Mad Zach pop up on our radar. Renowned for his work with DJ TechTools as well as his mind-bending productions, this Bay Area native turned Berlin beat chef always keeps us on our toes and this latest album continues that trend.

Featuring six original and collaborative tracks, the Quantum Shock EP is a testament to the sound and style of left field, avant garde beats. The influence of grime is fairly prominent throughout the release, with sludgy bass-lines churning and frothing under bubbly synth arpeggios and crisp percussion. There’s no pinning a genre to this music though; Mad Zach is in a league all his own. If you didn’t already know, he’s a mad man when it comes to finger drumming and his controllerism skills truly shine here. The arrangements have a much more loose and fluid feel than productions that are glued to a grid. ‘Reverse Mechanics’ (ft. Sayer) and ‘Roughin’ It’ (ft. G Jones) are both prime examples of this. And speaking of collaborators, the remixes for this EP are phenomenal; Conrank, Bleep BloopPixelord, and Amp Live all brought their A-game.


Mad Zach has released the Quantum Shock EP via Saturate! Records and the album is available as a pay-what-you-can download on the label’s Bandcamp. You also have the option to purchase a vinyl edition of the release (pictured above). They look quite snazzy and would definitely make a grand addition to any collection; supplies are limited though, so grab them while you can! In any case, you can jam out to the full stream after the jump.


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Artwork: Thomas Wahle
Mastering: Bob Macc