Popular music streaming site Grooveshark was recently closed down after a 6-year legal battle over copyright infringement. Since their farewell letter to their listeners/users, we’ve received no word on their activity or likelihood of return, until today.

A member of the Grooveshark team who calls himself “Shark” released this statement:

Well, I started backing up all the content on the website when I started suspecting that Grooveshark’s demise is close and my suspicion was confirmed a few days later when they closed. By the time they closed I have already backed up 90% of the content on the site and I’m now working on getting the remaining 10%.

It’s now been made clear that the company is beginning to reestablish itself in the streaming marketplace, even though they presume to encounter rough seas ahead. For the time being, however, they can be found at Grooveshark.io.

The new team hopes to reproduce all of the content of the old site, including favorites and playlists created by users. Only time will tell if this new address holds strong against the law.


Source: BGR