If rock was the music of the 80s, then there’s no denying that hip-hop dominated the 90s, just as dance music has dominated the late 2000s and early 2010s. For many dance music fans, growing up in the 90s was a pinnacle of hip-hop, spearheaded by iconic groups like N.W.A and OutKast. For many of us, many of our formative years were spent listening to historic albums like ATLiens and Stankonia, and hip-hop tracks by these legends were considered sacred, almost untouchable when it comes to remixing. When South Beach-based producer, PLS&TY, tackled a remix of OutKast’s 2003 hit, “Roses,” I was skeptical as to how the result would turn out, but upon one listen, I was sold.

On his remix of “Roses,” PLS&TY lays down his signature future bass production, yet manages to infuse the track with a summery vibe. Layering together Andre 3000s instantly-recognizable croons with steel drums, analog-sounding chord synths, and a deep, jazzy groove, PLS&TY manages to give his remix a surprisingly retro, yet future, sound. Peep the remix below, and get the free download here.