Get used to the names Bearson and Mark Johns, because they are the future of this industry. Recently collaborating on their latest track, “Imposter,” these artists are bringing a refreshing a new taste to the world of electronic music.

“Imposter” is not a track you will hear on the main stage of EDC, nor is it a song you will hear played in the festival circuit. Instead, you’ll find this track stuck in your head for the rest of the year. The beautiful vocals of Mark Johns pair perfectly with the soothing and uplifting production that has become unanimous with the Bearson name.

With the EDM industry becoming stagnant and stale, the next generation of talented artists has already begun their historic rise to replace the hard hitting, loop-driven productions that have oversaturated the market.

Out now on Next Wave, “Imposter” is only the beginning of the magical pairing of Mark Johns and Bearson. Check out the track below and make sure to pick up your copy HERE:

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