Every once in a while, an album comes along that is the total package. Each track flows seamlessly from one to the next, even as genres, emotions, and messages change. Though this should be a common practice, creating an album that successfully achieves all of this is difficult. It’s even harder to accomplish for an artist’s debut album. People I’ll Never Forget, the first LP from Louis Tan aka LTN, doesn’t have this problem.

While LTN stated in a recent interview that his first album took almost two and half years to complete, it seems as though his entire 20+ year career has been leading up to this moment. Many of the tracks on the album have already been premiered, such as standout tunes “Fuego De Amor” and “Autumn Leaves,” but it’s the tracks you haven’t heard yet that bring it all together. Mellow progressive tunes like “Crystalline” and the trancier “Quicksand” provide fluid bridges as you glide through the 17-track affair. There are also notable vocal tracks from Christina Novelli and Anushka Desai that balance out the instrumental mixes. As if the album wasn’t enough, People I’ll Never Forget has three bonus tracks too: “Harbour Lights,” “Walk on By,” and “Spirit in the Sky,” which are all slightly edgier yet still properly compliment the album. 

People I’ll Never Forget should serve as a benchmark for trance/progressive artists both old and new. In just 20 tracks, LTN successfully takes listeners through a lifetime of experiences and emotions that have brought the artist to this very moment. Key collaborations and stunning productions also contribute to LTN’s greatest work yet, a must listen for music fans of all types.

People I’ll Never Forget is out now on Enhanced Music and can be downloaded on iTunes or the Enhanced Music store.