If you haven’t heard about Lost Frequencies yet, you’re seriously missing out. After a video of Armin van Buuren getting goosebumps while listening to his remix of Armin’s “In and Out of Love” surfaced, his breakthrough was officially complete. In just three years he’s gained the attention of not only Armin, but other producers with emotional tracks like “Eagle Eyes” and “Are You With Me.” The latter resulted in a pack of remixes with Dash Berlin recently joining the fray. Dash, who has a major gift for evoking all the right emotions through his music, manages to do the same on “Are You With Me.” For those who also enjoyed Dimaro’s remix, you’ll enjoy how the build feels like a trance classic before opening up into a progressive drop. Dash Berlin also does well to keep the original lyrics intact rather than distort or chop them up. Overall, it’s the strongest remix of “Are You With Me” we’ve seen so far. Listen for yourselves below, and pick up a copy on Friday.