You might know Throttle from his many impressive live launchpad performances as well as his dazzling productions. Well, continuing in his line of greatness, this Monsterkitten has just dropped a damn fine remix piece.

The original number ‘Hold Me Up‘ by Conrad Sewell is already of a funky persuasion, but Throttle has… Throttled it up (pun horribly intended.) His remix can really only be described as modern disco, with a more minimal flair than your run of the mill nu-disco type material. The bass line holds the piece down and is vaguely reminiscent of Oliver. There’s not much to dislike about this tune, with its funky disco horn section and clever synergy between vocals and the remix additions. All in all, a very solid piece from a very talented producer. Check it below.


Conrad Sewell – Hold Me Up (Throttle Remix)