After the success that we had with interviewing W&W and Thomas Newson via the app Firechat, we’re doing it again!

This Saturday at 10:00pm EST, Your EDM will interview founder of HARD and producer, Gary Richards aka Destructo. Gary will be at the Sunset Music Festival in Florida, where he will be daring people to move. The Sunset Music Festival (SMF) is a two-days EDM fest, organized by Sunset Events and DDP, during Memorial Day weekend in Tampa Florida. The Q/A will last 30 minutes, and will be held a half hour after Gary’s set at SMF (8:30pm -9:30pm).

Firechat is an app that creates a mesh network between phones (Bluetooth/WiFi etc.), allowing you to message & connect with your friends even if you don’t have service. It’s kind of like a personalized live chat room where you can interact directly with the artists and us. This will surely be an entertaining interview, so we hope you stop by to check it out.

You can join the Q/A by following this link on your iOS or Android mobile device: