Bear Grillz is at it again with Bear Grillz & Friends Volume 2. The first volume featured collaborators Datsik12th PlanetProtohype, and The Frim – definitely a who’s who of heavy bass music. There’s still a lot of that heavy stuff on Volume 2, but it’s a little more fun too, with the additions of DJ Bl3nd and ETC!ETC!.

The track with ETC!ETC! is called “Bend It Over Gurl,” and it’s fierce. It’s a little of this, a little of that, but the bottom line is that it’s super easy to dance to and you’ll be singing along to the lyrics for days. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Diplo drop this in a set with girls twerking on stage, it’s that infectious.

You can pre-order Bear Grillz & Friends Volume 2 here. It’s out on June 2nd.