In the world of forward thinking, underground bass music, one label reigns supreme: Saturate! Records. The German imprint consistently provide us with some of the best left-field beats from both up & comers in the scene and movers & shakers like G Jones and Mad Zach.

Today we have the privilege of premiering their latest find, a brilliant 6-track EP from Knoxville duo, Moniker. A fusion of trap, grime, and 8-bit funk, Thousand Bit marks their first official release and is a supremely confident debut; trust us when we way these tunes are as wonky as they come. Scattered drum beats and lilting synth rhythms converge with syrupy sub-bass to create a strangely hypnotic sonic ambience. Imagine being inside the core of a massive super-computer and listening to it’s various systems function around you; that’s what this music feels like. And not only are the original tracks stellar, but the release also includes 5 remixes from the likes of Frenquency, Subp Yao, and a few others.

Check out the full stream of Moniker‘s Thousand Bit EP after the jump and grab a copy of your own on the Saturate Bandcamp page if you’re feelin’ the vibes!


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