Dada Life, two of the most chaotic and talented DJs to come out of Sweden, are ready to hit the road again. Last year, they highlighted a big 2014 with their inaugural Dada Land Voyage as well as set a Guinness World Record. This year, they’re ready to bring back the mayhem with another voyage, and another page in the record books. Your EDM caught up with Dada Life’s Ollie Cornéer, who gave some insight into the new concept and things they were up to while on the road.

The Dada Life Compound has become a world tour. What is the one thing you always look forward to when you travel?

We’re looking forward to the actual show the entire time. It may take a while to get to the venue, but we get really excited to meet the crowds and play for the people who have been waiting for so long.

Do you ever have an opportunity to explore the cities you play in?

We always try, but what you don’t get a lot of [when you travel] is sleep and food. The basic rule is if you see any food, you eat it; if you see a bed (or even a plastic sofa) you lie down and sleep. When it comes to new cities, we find ourselves going back for a holiday.

Last year you broke the world record for largest pillow fight in Chicago. This year, you want to have as many people in banana suits as possible at The Voyage. Can you tell us more about your plan?

I’m not going to be too optimistic, but I think it’s going to be pretty easy to break. I think the current record is over 400 people in banana suits and…who knows maybe we have broken the record already? Bananas have been a part of what we have been doing from the start. Since bananas are in our logo, the idea felt natural. At first when people started showing up in banana suits at our shows, we were shocked and we didn’t quite understand what was happening. Then, more and more people showed up and it just became a thing, which is amazing.

Tell us about your new plug in. Will it be ready soon?

We’ve been working on it for a long time and now we have finally devoted some time with the developer to finish it. I wish I could talk more about it, but I can’t. The most I could say is it’s going to be bigger than our first one.

What tricks do you have for making music while on the road?

In the past it didn’t really work out well. Then we found out about this thing called Subpac – which is something you strap to your back. It creates a bass through your body when you listen to headphones to mimic the feeling of being in the studio while you sit down. It really helps enhance the music, plus it’s fun.

What should citizens of Dada Land be prepared for this summer?

We don’t even know! We always plan everything super carefully with what we’re going to do, what songs we’re going to play, what kind of stuff we’re going to do on stage. In the end, stuff always happens and it always goes wrong! [laughs] . But it’s fun, because if we didn’t make mistakes, we wouldn’t have any fun. I think people should expect the unexpected.

Be a part of history and purchase your tickets to The Voyage now. For more Dada Life, check out Facebook/Twitter/SoundCloud.

Photo: Insomniac