In a recent interview, David Guetta opened up about fans around the world and what it is like to play in different countries. Traveling around the world has given the DJ/producer a larger look at what works and what doesn’t, depending on the crowd. His conclusion, after all his travels, is that Latin America are bigger EDM supporters than the United States.

Told to the Associated press, David Guetta was talking about his upcoming music and shows for the summer:

“Latin America has always supported dance music much more than the United States, where they are more with hip hop or rock.”

He went on to describe what really makes him love his job and why it never gets old:

“I love that people have memories with my music, it’s something that is completely magical for me to know people remembers places and moments in their lives and every time they remember that time or place, they think of my music” 

With his recent announcement as headliner of TomorrowWorld and his new collaboration with 50 Cent, David Guetta is looking to further establish himself in American music culture, and thus expand his domination to the entirety of the Americas. You can read the full story HERE.