If you are anything like me, every time you feel the summer sun on your skin you are suddenly taken back to your favorite Major Lazer festival moment. The crowd swaying, the Jamaican vibes waking up your soul to the beautiful scenery, the music couldn’t fit the summer time vibes any better.

Diplo’s Major Lazer has perpetuated a unique sound that is quintessentially known by their name; however, those powerhouse producers aren’t the only ones purveying the sound inspired by the islands.

BabeyDrew in Atlanta, GA has a knack for flying Caribbean artists up to the states to collab with him on releases. He also journeys to the islands frequently to meet amazing vocalists and infuse his style with the sounds he is introduced to while soaking in the sweet Jamaican sun. Concentrating on fusing reggae and dancehall music with moombahton and electro house, BabeyDrew is bringing his flavor of Island Bass to the forefront of EDM.

Chris Brown, The Kardashians, and Prime Time TV

Andrew Bisnaught, better known by his stage name BabeyDrew, made a name for himself as the official touring DJ for Chris Brown, a regular DJ for the Kardashians, and has opened up for the biggest names in music like Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, and Beyonce.

Drew’s talent extends further than the tour scene, he represents Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft and Nike, sells out personal tours worldwide, and graces television screens across the globe. His talents are limitless, but none compare to his mark in the entertainment industry as a world-renowned, open format DJ. He maintains an impeccable versatility for Top 40 and EDM crowds alike. His performances in Atlanta are always boasting a packed venue and the crowd is extra hype when the Island Bass gets dropped.

Drew’s radio tenure is 15 years and counting. Currently on Power 96.1 in Atlanta, Z104 in Virginia Beach, and curating special guest mixes on Sirius/XM, his mixes range from EDM, House, Trap House, Dubstep, Dancehall, & Retro. Truly a man of many talents.

BabeyDrew has found success since his early touring days. He landed a role on a VH1 TV show, made appearances on “The Grammy’s”, “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, MTV’s “TRL”, “The Ellen Degeneres Show”, “The View”, “The Today Show”, “Good Morning America”, “Live With Regis and Kelly”, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, “The Kid’s Choice Awards”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and more. He has also appeared on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” spinning for both Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s star-studded birthday parties.

Caked Up Steals BabeyDrew’s Vocal Acapella

Known for the unethical ways of producing “their” music, BabeyDrew has also been a victim of Caked Up’s questionable morals. His original “In The Air” was not only legally sampled for Diplo & Skrillex’s Jack U banger entitled “Jungle Bae”, but was illegally used for Caked Up’s track “Jon Snow”. “In The Air” is the result of Bunji Garlin, one of the biggest artists from the Caribbean, getting fused with EDM and Reggae.


Drew’s best quality is his outgoing personality that energizes crowds. He has performed in over 20 countries and sold out his own tours in Europe, Dubai, Africa, Brazil, and Australia.

His brand new single released today entitled “Walk Out” is an international single from BabeyDrew, BSSMNT (Belgium), and Jamaican superstar Agent Sasco. The track fuses Moombahton and Dancehall Electro into a dance floor destroyer that you must click play on.

Above all, Babey Drew boundlessly reaches diverse audiences and performs with an unbelievable intensity. His Island Bass sound is infectiously awesome and stirs audiences into a dancing frenzy. His gift to identify unique musical enclaves and subvert them into something universal undoubtedly makes him the ultimate crossover DJ. Follow this guy on all of his social accounts and get in on this amazing music before everyone else.


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