The Throes of Winter Remixes is out now, featuring a vast variety of tunes from all tracks on the EP. However, there’s one remix that won’t be featured on the EP, and one remix that you need to have, and it belongs to Crywolf.

My love for Crywolf is no secret, having written about his past works with glowing praise. It’s been a while since I’ve heard a remix from him, though, and what an incredible reminder of his astonishing ability than a remix of none other than Seven Lions.

The tone of “A Way To Say Goodbye” has completely shifted, morphing from a trancey house tune into a swooning ballad, including some of Crywolf’s own vocals, if my ears are not to be deceived. If the original tune could be considered “beautiful,” then I’m not sure there exists an adjective to describe what Crywolf has done.

Purchase The Throes of Winter Remixes via the links below, and follow the link to grab your free copy of the Crywolf remix to “A Way To Say Goodbye.”

Free download (Crywolf Remix):