The Glitch Mob have just revealed a new three part EP coming out this coming Tuesday, 6/9, entitled Piece Of The Indestructible. With the release of a single from the forthcoming project available for download with pre-order, that leaves two new tracks which have yet to be dropped: the cinematic opener “Head Full of Shadows” and the more ethereal closer “The Clouds Breathe For You.”

“Better Hide, Better Run” is available now, however, and features the sultry vocals of Mark Johns – a budding female vocalist who has recently gained the attention of industry taste-maker, Skrillex. The powerful combination of electro, rock and tribal influences results in an adrenaline-fueled, 4 minute transcendence devoid of any traditional structural guidelines.

Clearly intended for heavy abuse on The Blade, their formidable custom setup that hybridizes electronic music and traditional live band performance, The Glitch Mob are ready to storm your nearest venue wielding this new content alongside their incredible back catalog, which spans nearly a decade.

Check out the epic video for “Better Hide, Better Run” below, and look over The Glitch Mob’s upcoming tour dates here to see when they’re coming to a venue near you.