Monstercat provides fans every 10 weeks or so with a new compilation album, filled with 30 tracks and two mixes of the best they have to offer. This latest compilation, Contact, sports a significant amount of amazing tracks, but picking our favorites wasn’t that hard. In no particular order…

F.O.O.L – Knight

F.O.O.L has some of the tightest electro in the game and Monstercat is lucky to have him. “Knight” is one of four on a new EP from F.O.O.L and features a driving bassline and classic electro synths, both innovating and throwing back to a golden era of electro simultaneously.

Noisestorm – Barracuda

Noisestorm has a habit of well … bringing the noise, and causing a storm. It’s quite a fitting alias. Nonetheless, “Barracuda” is a hybrid tune that goes hard as f*ck. Using 808s and Middle Eastern synths for this drumstep tune gives it a wholly unique feel, one that most other producers probably wouldn’t even be able to think of. This bassline in this one really gives my sub a good work out.

Grabbitz – Friends w/ Faustix

Grabbitz is one of my personal favorite new producers in general, and I’m glad he’s found a home on Monstercat. This is the title track from his Friends EP, and it has come to encompass all that Grabbitz has set out to accomplish. While the bassline isn’t necessarily game changing, the sound design is. Its construction is definitely the most unique point of this production, aside from Grabbitz’s own vocals.

Aero Chord – Saiko

The Monstercat camp was divided on this one, calling it far too similar to “Internet Friends” and just “not good” in general. I disagree. The pounding kicks and vocal samples are definitely a nod to “Internet Friends,” there’s really no way to dispute that. But it’s different enough to call it an ode than a cover.

Pegboard Nerds – Try This

I know I said this was in no specific order, but I definitely saved the best for last. Pegboard Nerds 100% killed this one. So hard. I love the spy movie vibes, the strings, the drums, everything about this just screams “awesome,” right down to the suppressed gunfire samples.