Tampa-based producer Trivecta unleashed another collaboration with LA singer/song-writer Roniit. Previously known for his melodic trance-step, he successfully made a switch to straight trance with his recent effort “Evaporate“. Now, just a month later, Trivecta is back with the perfect follow-up, sure to please those seeking more trance tracks from him. “Resurface” proves Trivecta has what it takes to start competing with the big dogs.

The track starts off with a punchy bass-line, sure to pique any trance fan’s interest. In typical trance fashion, a simple atmospheric orchestral sound supports the vocals, mixing beautifully behind Roniit’s harmonies. The vocals fade into an explosion of synths, layered skillfully to create a perfect trance vibe. Trance fans’ interest is beyond piqued at this point; they’re on their knees begging for more. Trivecta knows what the people want, and properly delivers. The perfectly crafted synths are brought back, this time supported by a powerful kick. A simple high synth line is then added to the mix, topping off the climax and rounding off the beautiful yet high-energy vibe this track intended. Trivecta does not fail to impress with “Resurface”, proving he is now a force to reckoned with in both the bass and trance realms.

Check out the track below or click here for a free download!