Luca Lush has been going through a musical metamorphosis as of late, debuting tracks that feature migrations into genres outside of the future bass and trap realm. Many different varieties of house music have crept their way into his songs, while expertly maintaining the same energy and unique style that made us fall in love with his sound in the first place. Today, we see a nostalgic return to Luca’s “older” ways with a flip of Australian sensation Flume‘s latest release “Some Minds“. As more and more remixes of this fresh track spill out into the charts, you’ll surely remember this as one of the best and earliest to emerge.

It begins with a simple yet effective melodic duo of light, airy arpeggios and chords. After a short sweep, it quickly cascades into a weighty pumping of full, layered synth with filter pulls and sidechain galore. The vocals from the original enter the space with importance, alongside Flume’s warped organ and sparkly ambiance above. Snare fills suddenly drop the song into a complexly pitched water slide of different sounds, bells, clicks, and yelps. Just when you think you’re about to hear a deep house flip, Luca ups the energy to a beat almost reminiscent of drum and bass. The track repeats, and ends with a short, naked piano ballad and some vinyl fuzz.

Grab your free download here, and check to make sure the edge of your seat is sturdy…you’ll be needing it while you wait for his new EP, set to release in August (at the latest). With a catalogue of unnamed collaborators and Luca’s own vocals, self-described as a “Kanye/Passion Pit hybrid”, the 5-6 song album will surely showcase a whole new side to this producer’s already stacked list of work.