With You. has been a vague artist personality that we only knew as the mastermind behind the beautiful house remixes of Beyoncé’s “Partition” and Spank Rock’s “Gully.” Since then, not much information surfaced until the first track off of their forthcoming EP on Hypercolour was announced recently via Annie Mac. A group various musically deep individuals, With You. is the doing of a collaborative group of producers, musicians, DJs and tastemakers Rick Trainor, Jeff Penalva, Noah Schy, Daouda Leonard, and Dave Taylor (Switch).

Their EP consists of three originals – “Speak,” “Not Somewhere,” and “Crossing” – along with a hyperactive remix of “Speak” by drum and bass threesome, 2 Bad Mice. The remix is first to surface off the EP and it is the UK at its best with a drum and bass backbone that implants itself into the beach-ready original.

If this remix is any indication of how the rest of the EP is shaping up to look like, we can’t wait for its release. The four-track EP will be released in full on June 29th.