Mat Zo is back in the studio with Kill The Noise. Hardwell was in the studio with Afrojack. Martin Garrix finished his collab with Tiesto. It seems that star-powered collaborations are the new thing these days. But nothing really beats the hype of deadmau5 in the studio with Feed Me.

Feed Me – In the studio with deadmau5. Also cats/cars etc. | Facebook

Jon Gooch and Joel Zimmerman are both extremely opinionated individuals whose views on bullshit are only exceeded by their knowledge of music. Both are incredibly talented and incredibly skilled at what they do, and we can really only imagine what a collaboration between the two of them might sound like.

Feed Me’s latest release was a four-track EP titled A Giant Warrior Descends on Tokyo, and it was considerably more experimental than his debut album Calamari Tuesday. Deadmau5’s latest ventures, on the other hand, have been a return to his pure style; collabs with Grabbitz and Kaskade & Skylar Grey show the depth that he’s been leaning toward.

Though they’ve never created an official collaboration before now, thoughts are swimming in my head of what it might sound like. Would it be a return to the harder days of Feed Me’s Big Adventure, or perhaps more along the lines of while (1<2)? Hard to say. But one thing is certain – I squealed a little bit when I saw the news.