With Tennessee’s infamous 4-day music festival, also known as Bonnaroo, just 24 hours away, we wanted to provide every attendee with a special guide of what to look for at this years event. We get it, massive festivals like Bonnaroo can become overwhelming, (especially if it’s you’re first one!) leaving you stranded in a state of confusion surrounded by hundreds of thousands of fellow fans. Don’t stress it, because we got you covered. Bonnaroo has just about every activity you could ever imagine this year, from outdoor movie screenings to fitness, yeah seriously, there’s a 5k the first day for all you hardcore runners, to the 125+ artists performing, you can be sure you’ll never find a dull moment.

However, if you’re anything like me, you have a hard time figuring out where to start amidst all this beautiful chaos. Below are a few tips to get you all situated before the festival begins:

1. Download the Bonnaroo App!!!!!

I recommend downloading the Bonnaroo app because through this you’ll be able to create a schedule of all the artists you want to see and also any extra curricular activities like Silent Disco’s, Yoga, and even be updated on any new festival information throughout the four days.

2. Be willing to EXPLORE

Bonnaroo isn’t just any festival…it is THE festival for every aspect of art and expression. Music is just the tip of the iceberg as you’ll be exposed to a variety of entertainment, including the hilarious Comedy Theater, featuring Chris Hardwick, Natasha Leggero, and even more amazing comedians killing it in the industry right now!

You can’t miss out on the Bonnaroo Cinema. As they put it, “Catch brand-new independent features before they are released, mind-bending documentaries, ridiculous comedies, cult classics and crazy-fun live interactive happenings!” You’ll even enjoy live Q & A sessions with guest actors and directors!

As if this wasn’t enough, Snake & Jake’s Christmas Club Barn is set to host a ton of fun events as will MTV, as they are providing a special place for you to charge up your electronics while listening to great DJ’s spin and even enjoy a custom body painting!

3. If you love food…

Bonnaroo will have just about every food truck in the planet present, giving you tons of variety. They have everything from exclusive craft beer at Broo’ers fest to Baconland, that’s right, BACON-LAND, at your fingertips. Wherever you may find yourself on the festival grounds, you can count on being surrounded by some of the best food and drink vendors Tennessee has to offer!

4. Enjoy The Music!

It’s simple really. With over 125 artists performing throughout the four days, even Billy Joel, you’ll catch all of your favorite shows that will undoubtedly stick with you forever. However, make sure you catch some different artists, whether it be tomorrows superstars or acts that may just be a bit outside of the box to you, because the talent this year is incredible! From newer artists like Betty Who, Odesza, to veterans like Tycho, Flying Lotus, and Pretty Lights, you may find these people to be your new favorites!

Finally, If you cannot attend Bonnaroo, DON’T WORRY! They will be streaming the entire festival exclusively on Red Bull TV! If you are attending, look for us there and come say hi! We’ll see you all this weekend!