Martin Garrix is one of the youngest super stars to take over the world of EDM, but his career started years before. At the age of 14, Martin Garrix DJ’d his high school dance and it’s actually not that bad.

The video itself is fairly short but it is plenty to make you regret not going to high school with Martin Garrix. At least when I was in high school, we didn’t go as hard and surely weren’t in the midst a future EDM prodigy.

Dropping tracks such as “Like A G6” and more, the video below is the earliest recording (that we know of) of the yung DJ in action. In the video, the 2010 high schoolers turn way up for the 14 year old kid that commands the crowd. It seems not much has changed for Martin Garrix, except the stages are now much larger.

Enjoy the throwback Thursday video below and make sure to grab your tickets to see Martin Garrix perform at the official Your EDM party here.