Even though Diplo made the #2 spot on Billboard’s “Top 30 Power Players” list yesterday, it was Skrillex who got the front page feature.

Young California native and founder of OWSLA Records, Skrillex has risen from dance music obscurity in 2010 to one of the largest superstars, even outside of EDM, in the world. As an individual who has been a large contributing factor to the rise of dance music in the mainstream, though certainly not the only factor, he has a unique outlook on how the industry operates and how to influence others.

“Real power is subtle. It’s generating a movement by inspiring people, not coercing them.”

Though the feature was excruciatingly short, Billboard was able to eke out one media-worthy quote from the producer concerning drug culture in dance music in 2015.

“Kids are going to do what they do, and I’m not judging them, but it wasn’t ever like that for me,” he says. “That’s why I do a lot of mixed-genre festivals. People connect differently. I’m super into that.”

Like I said, excruciatingly short…

But Skrillex has a point in that drugs like MDMA are less prevalent at mixed-genre festivals, even though other substances like cocaine or ketamine might take their place.

Skrillex plays over 200 shows a year, and just finished up a set at UMF Korea. You can find him playing as supergroup Jack U today at Spring Awakening Music Festival.


Source: Billboard