Steve Aoki is known as one of the hardest workers in the electronic music industry. Owed in part to his dad – founder of the Benihana tycoon, Aoki’s work ethic means not only constant touring, but also consistent releases. Neon Future I & II would be enough to carry any other artists for the next year or two; however the Dim Mak head’s work ethic takes coasting completely out of the equation.

However, health problems have caught up to the widely acclaimed Aoki, who is set to undergo surgey which will leave him out of commission for two weeks.

“Two weeks of vocal rest is going to be really hard, I’ve never done a full day of vocal rest.”

Although part two of Neon Future has only been out a month, Aoki is already teasing his next LP release. In an exclusive interview with Spin, Aoki remarked on what’s next for him:

“I already have enough songs to do another album. I’m excited for the new collaborations that would be on the next project. Echosmith are going to be on it.”

He goes on to describe the vibe of his upcoming releases, planning to cater to DJs and live settings more than his previous albums.

“The next stuff that’s going to come out is going to be more club-oriented, DJ tools and stuff for DJs.”

While we await his new material, check out Neon Future II below in full.