Skrillex has just announced a contest to win one of his aptly named “Skrillex Live Cases”, and I’m actually going to enter it. We generally post about contests due to the star-power behind certain DJs and producers, but this one definitely has some merit to it.

Sonny recently sponsored a mini-satellite, which he’s calling Nanou, and it’s providing some insane perks for Live Case owners. Not only does it connect to Nanou to update your background throughout the day, but recognizes your location and shows you corresponding constellations at nighttime as well. The video above explains all its nooks and crannies, but the best part may actually be the short clip of whatever “Where Are Ü Now” remix or VIP is played in Skrillex’s studio.

The contest is simple: repost the picture below on Instagram, hashtag (is that a verb now?) #skrillexlivecasecontest, and tag @skrillexlivecasecontest in the description. One winner will be chosen, and they will receive a Collector’s Pack of the three Nexus 6 Skrillex Live Cases designs (approximate retail value: $120), the actual autographed Nanou Satellite box that Skrillex used in the “making of” documentary with one Go Pro camera (approximate retail value: $1000), and a new Nexus 6 phone (approximate retail value: $649). The winner will be chosen on June 23rd, so enter as soon as you can!

One of our staff members is actually using the Live Case with his Samsung Galaxy S5. He confirms it is indeed, “dank.”