Paul Oakenfold has been a household name in trance for decades now. And still, in 2015, the 51-year-old proves he hasn’t lost his touch. Able to keep up with the new generation, Oakenfold’s “Lux Tua” remix is a high-energy offering, sure to get dance-floors across the globe moving!

Victoria Gydov’s vocal track is something to truly relish. She creates epic harmonies in her operatic voice, sending beautiful chills down your spine. And if her vocal track doesn’t do it for you, Oakenfold’s explosion of synths that suddenly come in after the vocals surely will; my spine felt like it was trapped naked in the tundra. After a build, we’re greeted with the same explosion of synths, made a little louder and supported by a punchy kick and the now-infamous ‘Pryda Snare‘. Oakenfold showcases his numerous years of production, providing a well-mixed, high-energy trance hit sure to grace a number of stages this summer.

Check out the stream below or head to Beatport to purchase!