Earlier this year, we shed some light on a decades old no-dance law in Japan. The article went in-depth to explain the fueiho, banned dancing in nightclubs after midnight. After almost 70 years, Japan’s government opened the conversation last year to reform the law that, until recently, hadn’t been strictly enforced. On Wednesday, Japanese officials formalized the terms of the reform, which will go into effect in 2016.  Under certain conditions, dance clubs can now be open past midnight. For example, if a club has lighting brighter than 10 lux, or stops serving alcohol at midnight, they can obtain permission to stay open for 24 hours without being classified as an “adult entertainment business.” It goes without being said, but these new laws are definitely a big step in the right direction to help dance music blossom in a new market.


Source: Resident Advisor

Photo: Electric Zoo: Tokyo Beach