Yesterday, we reported on a Deadmau5-themed musical that was scheduled to take place July 3rd-11th in Toronto. While it was noted that Joel Zimmerman had not been involved in its production, it seems that until today, he wasn’t even aware of its existence. This isn’t the first time Deadmau5 has opted for swift legal action, not by a long shot. Last Fall, his dispute with Disney over the likeness of his image to Mickey’s ears led to an over 1,000-page response by his team. About a month before, Ferrari even sent a cease and desist letter to Joel over his customization of the “Purrari”.

Now, he’s taken to Twitter to clear the air around the musical and once again gather his legal squad for retaliation.

The lesson here is clear: don’t do anything behind Deadmau5’s back unless you want his reign of fire cast upon thee. If the theater company responsible for the musical refuses to cancel their performances, they’ll likely receive an over the top and newsworthy retort from the man himself.


Photo: InTheAM